Each point that guides our company creates tangible
advantages for our customers:
• CRM: Strategic decision to focus on the customer (Maximum symbiosis with the customer’s machines)
• Constant communication (Preventing downtime of customer’s machines)
• ICT Processes (Real-time tracking of offers and orders)
• Feasibility analysis (Best technology used for the production process)
• Research & Development (Tomorrow’s technology today)
• Continual training (Staff always better trained and motivated)

• Ongoing improvement (Increasingly higher performance)
• Operating report (Constant monitoring of perfomance of production processes)
• Periodic definition of strategic and business plan (Continuous growing of business and production models)
• Quick delivery times of cut material.
• Ability to deal with sudden surges in production
• Broad post-cutting machining possibilities:
(Surface finishing – Shearing – Deburing – Flaring – Milling – Drilling – Threading-Brushing)